There's no better way than a friendly group run to celebrate National Running Day. Use to help you find a run in your neighborhood.

Find a Run

Searching for a group run in your city is simple and free:

  • Go to National Running Day's page.
  • Either use the map or search box to find a community near you that's hosting a run.
  • Click on RSVP for the event that you would like to attend.
  • Simply use your Facebook account or create a account to sign up.
  • You can post messages for the group if you have any questions about the run.
  • On June 4th go meet your new friends and get your run on!

Don't see a run for you? Host one!

If there is not a run you can attend in your neighborhood, you can easily host your own and invite others nearby to join. National Running Day group runs are meant to be informal events and everyone should be able to organize one. To create a listing for your group run on

  • Search for your city on the National Running Day page and if no community exists then create one.

  • If your community already exists but you wish to add another meetup at a different location or time then you can click on the link Schedule a New Meetup.

  • Add details to your new meetup so that other runners know where to find you. Here are the things you'll need to start:

  1. Exact location
  2. Start time
  3. Description of your run, including the course and any other info that would be helpful to other runners (eg. Location of parking, bathrooms, and water fountains)
  • Be a helpful event host by posting comments on your meetup as the day approaches and answering questions from other participants.

  • If your meetup run has more than ten members in it, you can send an email to to request “I Run” bibs for your group run!

  • Most importantly, remember that NRD group runs should be fun events so keep the spirit upbeat and relaxed.